Land-Based Summer Games

Land-Based Summer Games

Fisher River High School in partnership with the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. invites you to participate in the Summer Land-Based Games in Ochekwi Sipi Cree Nation from June 4 – 7, 2024.

Students will:

  • Enhanced student communication skills
  • Increased understanding, use of, and appreciation for First Nations languages
  • Opportunity to share Traditional Knowledge
  • Increased self-esteem and pride in identity as First Nations people
  • Enhancing capacity to work as a team member
  • Enhanced skills in goal setting and problem-solving
  • Planning, preparation, cooperation, and leadership
  • Development of outdoor survival skills
  • Enhanced skills in conservation and living in harmony with the environment – “Take only what you need”
  • Development of lifelong learning skills
  • Meeting others and engaging in cultural activities
  • Respect for others and the environment
  • Development of medicinal knowledge
  • Career preparation
  • Increased skill development
  • Increased scientific knowledge and wisdom

Each school will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs.

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