Lighting the Fire 2013: Day Three Recap

Friday at Lighting the Fire was non-stop workshops, and participants were eager to learn and share as much as possible on the Conference’s final day. Once again workshops were filled to capacity and discussions were pertinent and engaging.

Play Based Learning workshop

At the Play Based Learning workshop, Mindy Sinclair and Susy Komishin, Early Childhood Education Specialists from MFNERC, spoke on the importance of play for children and provided specific strategies for helping children learn through play.

Across the hall, Albert McLeod, Co-Director of the 2 Spirited People of Manitoba, encouraged participants to ask questions about the implications of the new Safer Schools Legislation and Anti-Bullying Strategies proposed by the MB Provincial Government.

Meanwhile, Wilfred Buck, Science Specialist from MFNERC, provided a detailed look at First Nations Astronomy that left attendees feeling invigorated and excited about First Nations culture. One participant remarked, “The information [Wilfred] presented was exactly what I have been looking for, engaging, wise, inclusive, educational about the past and forward looking.”

Mathopoly workshop

And, laughter rang out at the nearby Mathopoly workshop, where participants tried their hand at this exciting alternative to the traditional math classroom.

With that, on Friday afternoon, the 15th Annual Lighting the Fire Education Conference was complete. On behalf of MFNERC, we’d like to extend a huge thank you, meegwetch, ekosi and merci to each and every one who participated and presented at our Conference. What an inspiring time it was. We can’t wait to see you next year!

See you next year at Lighting the Fire!

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