Lighting the Fire, 2013: Thank you!

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped with this year’s LTF. It was an outstanding success. One person in particular who continually coordinates between myself, the units, the sub-committees, our technicians, and managers, for weeks leading up to the event is Alanna Ragot. Great work Alanna!

Of course the LTF Committee is the solid block which takes on all the grunt work; in particular Ellen Spence, Delores McKay and Pamela Friesen; the Communications team (thanks Amber for the amazing signs, we want more!) and the Finance Dept! And of course all the amazing people in REGISTRATION – Shirly M. Sheleen D. Ainsley F., Mina M., Jaqueline M. Giselle M. Melissa G. Selena H. Ashley C. Ashley K…did I miss anyone? Nicole and Kim with their cameras! Doreen K. in the Tradeshow this year with Gertrude. IT guys who were a constant presence, Russ, Harvey and Sam! I apologize if I forgot someone but I know everyone worked together and supported each other…Charles C. as first year MC at the podium…next year Chuck!

Thank you to each and every Specialists’ contributions as presenters, staff as door and hall monitors, holding the fort at the on-site office (Ernie & Ron); Darcy-Anne Thomas for making this year’s Student Essay Contest an amazing experience for the youth – they were interviewed on NCI FM, visited the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, went to a play at MTC. And kudos to the Directors whose brains we were continually harping on for direction and support!

Here are a few of the quotes we received…

We both greatly appreciated all the assistance and support we received, especially from your I.T. department while we were getting set up for our presentation.  We were never left on our own to sort things out; there was always someone asking if we needed assistance, if all was ready, etc.  Not only did we feel comfortable, we felt welcomed.  Actually, throughout the conference, we found all of the conference staff to be helpful, warm and friendly.  I have been at many conferences in my teaching career and sadly, I have to say that this is not always the case.” From a presenter

 The banquet was a blast and the food was awesome. Kudos to MFNERC for another successful Lighting the Fire (P.S. My son had a blast).” From a teacher

 “The information presented was exactly what I have been looking for, engaging, wise, inclusive, educational about the past and forward looking.  It has given me much hope going forward and recovered my belief in what First Nations have, and can offer wider society.  I left your presentation feeling invigorated and positive about First Nations culture.” From an educator who attended Wilfred Buck’s presentation

And last but not least, our leadership, Lorne, Gwen and the Board for believing in us.”

– Joy Keeper, Conference Coordinator

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