Lighting the Fire Virtual Conference

May 19-21, 2021

Student Well-Being: Balancing of the Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit

MFNERC is proud to present this year’s Lighting the Fire Conference on May 19-21, 2021 which will be held virtually. This year’s theme is Student Well-Being: Balancing of the Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

For students to succeed in school, community and life, it is their parents, family and community leaders who guide them as their role models. Educators, whether it be a teacher, educational assistant, or language teacher, can create profound experiences in the lives of our students. First Nations youth thrive when there is a grounded connection with their family, school, community and territory. Cultural identity is further strengthened with traditional activities whether it’s learning on the land or from the Elders in the home or classroom 

The spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of our children needs to be in balance. The First Nations’ ways of healing and growing is a holistic approach, always considering these four relationships. Daily practices of gratitude are one of the foundations of the First Nations way of life and reclaiming and honouring our student’s well-being today will make for healthy nations into the 21st Century and beyond. 

This year’s professional development sessions will focus on three streams: Language & Culture, Recovery Learning, and Student Wellness. Keeping in mind, the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspects reflecting a healthy balance for one’s life as we consider the coming of the new school year and how schools and First Nations may be moving forward.

General Inquiries

Joy Keeper, Conference Coordinator
Phone: 204-594 1290 ext.2064

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