LTF 2014: What MFNERC staff are looking forward to…

LTF is this week! A quick, informal survey around the office with the question: What are you looking forward to about LTF? had this to say…

“Meeting and visiting with new people at the Smoke Signals, Have Your Say! & LTF Corner Cafe.” – Kirby Gilman
Kirby is MFNERC’s editor. This year she is helping out at this brand new feature of LTF, a place where you can interact, give feedback and suggestions about the conference.

“I’d probably have to say the archives workshop. There’s a lot of info to share and I’m looking forward to seeing the response.” – Holly Fontaine
Holly is assisting at the Creating a Manitoba First Nations Archives workshop.

“This is my first LTF, my first kick at the can, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. It’ll be a great learning curve because next year I’ll probably be presenting.” – Mike Thomas
Mike is a new employee with MFNERC. He works as a Governance and Policy Specialist, and helps to train school boards.

We can't wi
We can’t wait to welcome you to LTF 2014!

“Being around all the people, you can feel the energy. I really like the atmosphere.” – Doreen Kirkness
Doreen works as a Finance/Office Assistant with MFNERC. Look for her at the registration table, helping out all the delegates.

“Putting faces to the names of all the people I’m in contact with over the phone and email.” – Valerie Bighetty
Val assists in MFNERC’s Research & Development department. Watch for her handing out posters, booklets and other MFNERC publications at the LTF Tradeshow.

“I’d have to say the trade show. Seeing all the goods that people create. And the nice and welcoming atmosphere.” – Tiffany King
Tiffany is MFNERC’s Library Tech. She will also be distributing resource materials at a table at the LTF Tradeshow.

“Seeing educators from all the communities sharing ideas and networking, and creating ways to improve First Nations education.”  – David Robertson
David is the Publishing Manager at MFNERC. He will be deftly monitoring the doors at various workshops. Be sure to ask him about his latest series of graphic novels!

“Getting out of the office for a couple of days!” – Kimberly Kakegamic
Kimberly is MFNERC’s Web Content Writer and will be covering the conference with camera and laptop for our website and social media pages.
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