LTF: What MFNERC staff are looking forward to…

Lighting the Fire Education Conference is this week! A quick, informal survey around the office with the question: What are you looking forward to about LTF? had this to say…

“Seeing all the teachers I’ve worked with in the past, and meeting new ones.” – Wayne Grafton
Wayne is co-presenting a workshop  on Student Transition. The half day workshop will look at how best to move students between First Nations and public schools, and how the schools can best help the students.

“Getting all the information out there to the teachers, so they can use it in their schools.” – Wilfred Buck
Wilfred is presenting a workshop on First Nations Astronomy.

“The Archives workshop! It’s a brand new project so I can’t wait to see the turnout.” – Valerie Bighetty
Valerie is assisting at the Creating a Manitoba First Nations Archives: A Conceptual Model workshop.

“Probably the Banquet. The entertainment is usually really great, so I’m looking forward to that.” – Nicole Magne
Nicole is MFNERC’s Multimedia Developer and will be deftly covering the conference with her video camera.

“The whole thing! Seeing it actually come together will be amazing. I’ve seen the planning of it, now I want to see it in action.” – Pamela Friesen
Pam has been serving as Conference Assistant, and has worked like mad the past number of weeks to help put the conference together.

“Meeting new people.” – Loretta Sinclair
Loretta is presenting a workshop entitled Storybook Activities that Target Phonological Awareness. Participants will take part in phonological awareness activities. Books written by First Nation People, as well as international authors, will be shared.

“Getting out of the office for a couple of days!” – Kimberly Kakegamic
Kimberly is MFNERC’s Web Content Writer and will be covering the conference with camera and laptop for our website and social media pages.
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