Meet Our Specialists – 6

Generally, this feature focuses on the MFNERC Specialists who work directly with Manitoba’s First Nation Schools. Yet, there are many other wonderful, hard working people at MFNERC. So we figured it was time for you to meet some of the other fine folk who work here!


Val Bighetty

IMG_3826Val is a research assistant who works with our Research and Development Program. She is also the go-to person in the office if you have a question. Not only is she friendly, she knows just about everything MFNERC related! You may have also seen Val at one of our many events, as she distributes our resources to educators.
204.594.1290 ext. 2091

Sam Wavey

IMG_4399Around MFNERC, Sam is affectionately known as an “IT Guy”, but he is much more than that! Sam is one of our technicians responsible for troubleshooting and problem solving staff’s IT needs. He also helps with the IT set-up of MFNERC’s many offsite events such as the Lighting the Fire Education Conference.
204.594.1290 ext. 2080

Kirby Gilman

IMG_4381Wordsmith, grammar gal and punctuation pro, Kirby is MFNERC’s editor. Before many of our resources, curriculum materials and/or reports are printed, they pass by Kirby’s watchful eye. With her trusty dictionary in hand, she is also known for answering the occasional spelling question. (Plus she can cook a mean pancake!)
204.594.1290 ext. 2146

Alice Swampy

IMG_4371Alice is still somewhat new to MFNERC, but her kind nature and friendly personality have already made an impact. She is part of the Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate team, and works as a curriculum developer and instructor. You may have also seen her at one of our conferences, promoting Wapaskwa and answering questions about online learning.
204.594-1290 ext. 2155

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