Meet Our Specialists – 7

Generally, this feature focuses on the MFNERC Specialists who work directly with Manitoba’s First Nation Schools. Yet, there are many other wonderful, hard working people at MFNERC.
So we figured it was time for you to meet some of the other fine folk who work here!

Amber Green

IMG_4723Amber is our graphic designer extraordinaire who works in the publishing and communications dept. You may have also seen her at events snapping pictures or shooting video, as she does photography and videography as well. Basically, if anyone at MFNERC needs a poster, brochure, booklet, or illustration, Amber is the one to see.
204.594.1290 ext. 2015

Chris Guimond

IMG_0212 2Warm, outgoing AND a talented guitar player, Chris is one of our “IT Guys”. His job involves visiting the schools to train their information workers. In a nutshell he helps them set up, manage and troubleshoot their data management systems and other IT requirements. He’s also been known to break into song…if you ask politely.
204.594.1290 ext. 2082

Dianne Roulette

IMG_4389Dianne is one of the busy people who keeps our finance department hopping. She helps make sure the budgets are on track and the bills are in order. Always happy to chat over a cup of coffee in the lunch room, she is also incredibly friendly and sociable, even at that crazy time known as year end!
204.594.1290 ext. 2096

Valerie Thomas

IMG_0231If you walked into our Unit 2-1100 Waverley location, Valerie is the first person you would see. She is our incredibly helpful and patient receptionist, who handles all manner of inquiries with skill and poise. She also manages our very busy switchboard and does it all with a beautiful smile and calm spirit.
204.594-1290 ext. 3001

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