Meet Our Specialists – 8

Generally, this feature focuses on the MFNERC specialists who work directly with Manitoba’s First Nation-run schools. Yet, there are many other wonderful, hard working people at MFNERC.
So we figured it was time for you to meet some of the other fine folk who work here!

Rosie Boucha

IMG_5759Rosie is relatively new to MFNERC, but it’s taken her no time to fit right in. She is the very hard-working and knowledgeable production assistant in the Publishing & Communications Dept. She is also the resident guru on gluten-free recipes and chinchillas. This photo was taken at Lighting the Fire where she assisted with the event’s photography.
204.594.1290 ext. 2173

Shirley Monkman

IMG_5591Friendly and fitness savvy, Shirley is an administrative secretary and data processor for our busy IT department. She is also always willing to lend a helping hand, as shown in this photo where she is assisting with Lighting the Fire registration prep…and having a lot of fun at the same time!
204.594.1290 ext. 2018

Kimberley Rey

IMG_5600Kimberley is one of the busy people who keeps our Private Home Placement program humming. She is the Administrative Assistant for the Director of Support Services and is an expert at keeping details in order. She is also one of the many friendly faces you may have seen at the Lighting the Fire registration table, as shown in this photo.
204.594.1290 ext. 2029

Ruth Maytwayashing

IMG_3803If you have a question for our Service Delivery department, Ruth is the first person you’ll talk to. She is a busy clerk & secretary, who handles all manner of inquiries with skill and poise. She is also a fitness buff who is never afraid of a good workout. Here we see her helping out at the Circle of Knowledge and Practices registration table.
204.594-1290 ext. 2169

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