MFNERC and Treaty Education

MFNERC partners with a wide variety of Education and First Nations organizations. One of them is The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba.
The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba is developing K-12 teacher resource packages and related teaching materials in order to: increase the knowledge and understanding of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship among all Manitoba’s students; Ensure students understand the impact of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship on the creation of Manitoba; Build bridges between all peoples in order to strengthen our society and our prosperity.

Through this partnership, MFNERC assists with training and resource development. And this month, we are taking part in the “Catalyst Teacher Training” sessions April 25&26. Catalyst Teachers include consultants, support teachers, resource teachers, and others who have the responsibility for working with several schools and teachers to integrate new initiatives and new learnings into the classrooms. Participants in this training session will receive a Treaty Education Kit and will then go forward and share the resources with several other teachers.

Find out more about Treaty Education here.

For more information contact:
Dan Thomas, Research and Development Specialist
(204) 594-1290 ext. 2069

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