MFNERC Student Wins Bronze Medal at Canada-Wide Science Fair!

MFNERC Student Wins Bronze Medal at Canada-Wide Science Fair!

On behalf of the Resource Centre and MFNSS, we congratulate Dexter Mentuck from the Donald Ahmo School in Crane River for his outstanding achievements at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Dexter’s innovative project, “The Hydrating Power of Bear Grease Bath Bombs,” earned him two prestigious awards: a Bronze Medal in the Junior Category and the First Nations University of Canada Award.

Dextor says he was excited and nervous to be a part of the event. “It took me about a week to finish this project, and it required a lot of testing, especially on the bath bombs.”

Dexter’s project explored the hydrating properties of bear grease when incorporated into bath bombs, highlighting an innovative approach to natural skincare. This impressive research demonstrated scientific rigour and showcased Dexter’s commitment to utilizing traditional knowledge in modern applications. His success at the Canada-Wide Science Fair is a testament to his creativity, hard work, and dedication.

Congratulations, Dexter! Your hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit are truly inspiring. Keep shining and making a difference, Dexter—the future is yours to shape!

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