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Back to School for Teachers

As you get ready for the upcoming school year, looking prepared can help you feel prepared! Especially when it comes to your classroom. Here are some tips and ideas for setting up a great environment for your students.

First of all, consider your layout. Are there different areas for students to work? Will you want a space for students to gather on the floor together? Do you have computers? Do you have a window? Where and what time will the sun be coming through? Determine what makes sense for these areas and the flow of traffic. Don’t forget to ask your students what they’d like!

Supplies. You will have specific supplies that students will use regularly, whether those supplies are calculators, journals, markers, dictionaries etc. Where will you keep these supplies to make them accessible? How will you keep that area neat and organized?

Bulletin boards. Creating bulletin boards with themes that promote community, challenge creativity, and stress the importance of doing your best is a great way to lay the foundation for a productive and positive year. Don’t forget to leave space for your students to put up their work and for you to display new materials early in the year. Make sure that your classroom is inviting but not so chock full of stuff that kids don’t know where to look.

Your desk. You’re unlikely to have any time to sit at your desk the entire length of the school day, so put your desk in a place that won’t get in the way of your teaching space.

Bottom line is that your classroom should be friendly and inviting and allow students to become part of the room. And starting the year off with the right messages and themes in your classroom can make all the difference.