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June 2007

Book Talk from the IRC


Your Classroom Library
Author: D. Ray Reutzel and Parker C. Fawson
ISBN: 0439260825
Publisher: Toronto, ON: Scholastic Professional Books, 2002.
Scholastic teaching strategies for Grades K-6

Whether you want to enliven your independent reading program or discover new ways to teach with children’s books this resource provides research-based advice and helpful tips from teachers. It includes recommended book lists, display ideas, strategies for motivating students to read, independent reading management reproducibles, and many other ideas and insights you can put to use right away.

Better Books! Better Readers! How to Choose, Use and Level Books for Children in the Primary Grades.
Author: Linda Hart-Hewins and Jan Wells.
Publisher: Markham, ON. : Pembroke Publishers Ltd., 1999.
ISBN: 1-55138-105-2.

This book suggest ideas for
-Choosing and leveling, books to meet the needs of children
-Creative reading and writing activities
– Organizing time and space in the classroom
Includes a bibliography featuring the best and newest children’s books will make leveling easier than ever for teachers.

Bullied Teacher, Bullied Student
Author: Les Parsons
Publisher: Markham, ON. : Pembroke, 2005
ISBN: 1551381907

To eradicate bullying in schools, the education community must first acknowledge its existence in all forms. This timely book explores the background and myriad of issues related not just to student-on-student bullying, but all forms of threatening and victimizing behavior found in too many schools. It will show teachers and educators how to recognize the bullying culture in their school, and decide what to do about it Ñ devise, implement, and enforce a policy that works. Every school should be a place where staff and students alike feel safe and secure. This indispensable guide suggests constructive ways to repair the school environment, and heal a bullying school.

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