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September 2007

Sharing Our Success: Promising Practices In Aboriginal Education

Nov 23 & 24, 2007, Winnipeg

A two-day national research conference designed to engage 300 participants from across Canada in examining and sharing promising practices in K-12 aboriginal education.
The program will feature over 50 workshops and presentations by prominent experts and practitioners from
band and provincially operated schools. The mix of inspirational plenary sessions, panels, interactive
round table forums, and practical workshops will provide something for everyone. The conference will
showcase 20 band and provincially operated schools from the Sharing our Success research series: Ten
Case Studies in Aboriginal Schooling(Bell, 2004) and More Case Studies in Aboriginal Schooling (Fulford,
2007). Don’t miss this exchange of field-based Canadian research, effective strategies and resources, and
the opportunity to forge new networks to share best practice in aboriginal education. Policy makers and
those responsible for administration, supervision, professional development and improvement planning in
aboriginal schools will find this program relevant.

School Improvement Pilot Project (SIPP)

The Auditor General Report 2004 indicated that a significant education gap continues to exist between First Nations people living on reserves and the Canadian population as a whole and that the time estimated to close this gap has increased slightly, from about 27 to 28 years.
The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada accepts all the recommendations as outlined in the report. It reiterates its commitment to working with First Nations and other stakeholders to improve the educational outcomes of First Nations students and states that success in First Nations education must be measured over the long term.
Thus, the creation of now what is called the G3, MFNERC in partnership with Manitoba Education Citizenship & Youth, the University College of the North, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Manitoba Keewatinook Ininew Okimowin and Southern Chiefs Organization who are preparing to embark on a most historical educational endeavor. This partnership known the as School Improvement Pilot Project (SIPP) will focus on four (4) identified schools, two (2) northern schools and two (2) southern schools:

  • to support and improve achievement levels in Mathematics and English Language Arts for grade 1 – 8
  • Teacher Mentoring
  • Student Pathways
  • Supporting Students in Transition
  • Sharing Professional Development Opportunities

The School Improvement Pilot Project has been approved and the community school based project activities will commence in the fall of 2007. A SIPP advisory committee has been established to oversee and advise and monitor the pilot project.

High School Graduates’ Scholarship Awards

The successful candidates should have graduated within the last 2 years (2005-2006 or 2006-2007 school year) and are currently attending a post secondary institution or have been accepted into a post secondary institution for the current year. MFNERC will announce the recipients to the community via media outlets.

We are requesting your assistance in nominating one (1) student from your school whom you feel would qualify. Please have the nominated student send:

  • student profile (using the format attached)
  • most recent report card/transcript
  • letter of acceptance from a post-secondary institution
  • letter of reference; (other than family e.g. teacher, school counselor, principal, etc., ); letter should reflect the Terms of Reference for the scholarship

The Terms of Reference for the High School Graduates’ Scholarship Awards should include the following:

  • Has excelled within their academic studies
  • Has graduated and has been accepted or is currently attending a post secondary program/institution
  • Has exemplified aspects of human development (i.e. spiritual, physical, mental and/or emotional)
  • Has volunteered and demonstrated commitment to community involvement
  • Has First Nations status
  • Has attended a First Nations band-controlled school for a portion of his/her schooling

Please contact the
MFNERC High School Graduates’ Scholarship Awards Committee
for more information at the
MFNERC Winnipeg Office 1-877-247-7020
or (204) 940-7020
and ask for the Chairperson or member of the HSGSA committee.