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Winter 2014

Engaging Students: Beating the Winter Blues

Any student can disengage from the school experience. And oftentimes, the middle of winter is the hardest time to stay motivated and interested. As well, … Read More >

School Profile: Abraham Beardy Memorial School

Shamattawa First Nation is located where God’s River and Echoing River meet in Northern Manitoba. The Abraham Beardy Memorial School has students from kindergarten to … Read More >

School Profile: God’s Lake Narrows School

“Our mission is to help all students meet their education needs by giving them opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the social, … Read More >

Keeping in touch with Kinonjeoshtegon

MFNERC employs many Special Education Specialists who meet regularly with schools to provide support to educators who work with special needs students. On September 17, … Read More >

An Inside Look at Wapaskwa

On Nov. 20, 2013, MFNERC was thrilled to announce the ground breaking accreditation of Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with … Read More >

Strategies for Language Resurgence

On November 18 & 19, 2013, MFNERC’s Language Program hosted a two-day gathering for Ojibway language specialists and teachers from across Manitoba. They came together … Read More >

Uniting Youth for a Better Future

MFNERC’s Language Program hosted an Ojibway Youth Conference, October 17- 19. The gathering was modelled on the Turtle Lodge Youth Leadership Program—a land-based project centred around the seven sacred laws Read More >

Creating a Manitoba First Nations Archives: Next Steps

The MFNERC Research & Development Program (RDP) has set as its goal the creation of a Manitoba First Nations Archives, to be located at our … Read More >

Oral History Project Snapshot

MFNERC is happy to announce the publication of Oral History Project: A School Initiated Course and Community Project, Grade 12. Here are the opening pages of the publication: Read More >

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