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MFNERC Training Initiatives

The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Training Initiatives will be coordinating the delivery of a Masters Degree program, in partnership with the University of Manitoba, for First Nations community members and staff employed by First Nation schools and administrations. The program will be delivered on campus in the summer and on weekends throughout the year.

The aim of the Master of Education in Educational Administration program is to offer a program that is over a short a period as possible; and which is relevant to First Nations schools and perspectives. The anticipated start of the program will be in January of 2012 and continue until the spring of 2014.

Participants must submit a completed application with all the required information by October 1, 2011 to the University Of Manitoba Faculty Of Graduates Studies in order to be eligible to start the program in January 2012. Applicants must note that they are applying for the MFNERC Masters Cohort program on their application.

For more information about the program, application processes, requirements, and costs please contact:

Shirley Myran, PhD, Manager, Training Initiatives
Ph: (204) 594-1290 ext. 2110 • Email: