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Re-energize Your Classroom

Start the new year off right

As 2015 gets underway, the possibilities for the new year seem endless. Yet, after a holiday it can sometimes be difficult to get students’ (and our own!) motivation going again. Especially during the cold months of winter. Here are a few ideas you can try to get great energy flowing again in your classrooms:

Clean out all the clutter. Much like a house a classroom starts to collect things in nooks and crannies. So take some time to get rid of the clutter. Start fresh with clean surfaces, wipe everything down, and reorganize the essentials. The students may not notice it, but the energy does change.

Organize & Energize

Pay special attention to your own area. If you are like most teachers you probably have a few tables for papers, binders, and other things you need to teach. And they might need a good going through. So file the papers, clean the drawers, stack the books, and it will feel great to have everything in order.

Switch out all of your (book) displays. Whatever you have on display in the classroom, change it out. Students tend to perk up when they notice new things. Treat your classroom like a mini-library and have a lot of books displayed throughout. It doesn’t even have to be new or current books. Showcase different titles or old favourites that students might be missing in their browsing. A physical change in the scenery can inject quite a lot of excitement for a new year.

Find one great new idea. Pledge to try something different. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; find a way to incorporate a technology tool you already use in a new way, change a project, or try something completely new. Whatever it is, promise to infuse your teaching with at least one new thing to try, and remember; it can be something small.

Be inspired. Whether you read a great book, converse with an Elder, watch a video, get ideas from co-workers – find a moment for your soul to get re-energized. A school break is about finding your purpose, and lighting your own fires. Remember, if you are not enthusiastic to go back to teaching, your students won’t be either. They can always tell!

Some content for this article was retrieved from TEACH Magazine’s website on January 6, 2015.