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Recent Publications at MFNERC

Grassroots Anthology Volume I, Revised Edition

In July 2013, MFNERC published a beautiful, 70 page Grassroots Anthology and we recently revised it for republication. The same short stories, poems, fine art and photography by Manitoba First Nations artists are now in a paperback-sized version.
With this anthology we hope to inspire young people to develop and pursue their own creative aspirations so they may also share their stories.

For more information contact Olga McIvor at


Achimowaywin (Cree) | tipaahchimoowin (Ojibway) | hitu kaka pi (Dakota)
Enhancing Literacy and Learning through the Mediation of Story: Educator’s Resource Kit

This user-friendly kit will help early years teachers and other educators incorporate First Nation storytelling into the early years’ provincial ELA curriculum.
Contents include planning tools, an annotated bibliography listing First Nations storybooks at the appropriate reading level, 17 blackline masters for students and teachers, and assessment tools.
June Montour, who developed and wrote the kit, and Crystal Durgan, Grade 1/2 Teacher at Sioux Valley School, will introduce this new resource during presentations at the MFNERC Lighting the Fire Conference (May 2014).


Problem Solving in Math

An informative booklet (draft document) that explores problem solving, one of the seven mathematical processes outlined in Manitoba provincial mathematics curriculum.
Its contents include: definitions and explanations of two types of problem solving, the 4-step process for solving problems, 10 problem solving strategies, and a First Nations perspective.
This resource will be introduced during the MFNERC Lighting the Fire Conference (May 2014), to encourage ideas and feedback from educators.

For more information contact Elmer Everett at


The Handshake and the Pipe

The first in a series of three First Nations themed stories for early readers, The Handshake and the Pipe explores the significance of, and similarities between, the peace pipe and handshaking.
With accessible writing by Betty Lynxleg and appealing, colour illustrations by Don Monkman and Amber Green, you’ll want to share this book with your students when it comes out this summer. A joint project between MFNERC and Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba.

For more information contact Olga McIvor at