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Science Fair Success at Lawrence Sinclair Memorial School

If you attended school in a city or larger community, chances are you took part in a Science Fair. I did, and I can even remember my Grade 9 project. It was on how colour can fool your eye. I can still recall the last minute, late night\preparations; my Mom helping me draw diagrams of the rods and cones of the eye, and make a black and white optical illusion spinning wheel.

Having fun in class.

I remember the day of the Science Fair itself vividly. The set-up in the gymnasium, the excitement and anticipation of the judging, and the fun I had looking at all the other projects. While I don’t think I took it for granted, the Science Fair was something we students just did. It was an annual event and a standard expectation.

There are, however, some schools that don’t have Science Fair programs. Then there are others like Lawrence Sinclair Memorial School that decided they needed one, and in March 2013 held their very first Science Fair.

“We started the process by taking almost all the students to the MFNERC Science Fair in Winnipeg as observers,” explains Principal, Adeline Travers. “They saw all the projects, how they were set up, the different topics, how the judges asked questions, then they came home and got to work.”

With the help and hard work of their teachers, students diligently transformed their interests, experiments and research into complete projects. “We were learning the properties of Solids and Liquids,” explains Grade 2-5 Teacher, Jim Travers. “So it fit very well with making a science project.”

Students engaged in learning.

The day of the Science Fair, there wereover 20 projects on display in theschool gymnasium. Everything from a grade one group project on the Butterfly Life Cycle, to a Cartesian Diver Study by grade eight students Kirstie Sinclair and Shannon Thomas. “We didn’t really know what to expect,” states Principal Travers. “I think everyone, teachers and students, were surprised by how successful it was!”

At the end of the day two students from grade nine tied for first place. Isaiah Cameron, who did a project on Oxygen, and John Travers’s project on
how carbon dioxide supports an open flame. Third place went to Roy Traverse and Vincent Sinclair’s project entitled Bottle Bomb.

“It was such a fun and exciting event for the students,” concludes Grades 6-8 Teacher, Lillian Ross. “There were cash prizes for the winners, and awards for all the students who participated. Many students said they’re looking forward to going to the MFNERC Science Fair next year.” But next year, for Lawrence Sinclair students, it will be as participants and not simply observers.

Congratulations to all the students and staff at Lawrence Sinclair Memorial School for staging such a successful Science Fair. Good luck next year!


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