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Summer Time

The end of another school year is upon us. With that in mind, MFNERC has put together a short list of ideas to keep parents, teachers and students engaged and active over the summer…and don’t forget to have fun!

• Learn the basics of how things grow by planting your own garden. Or, if you don’t have the space, plant a sunflower in a plastic cup, set it in the window and watch it grow.

• Head outside and find some bugs! Draw a picture of what they look like. Or, watch the stars at night and draw the constellations.

• Clip, paste and write about your family adventures. Create a scrapbook that will be a lasting souvenir.

• Get theatrical. Write and perform plays or puppet shows with the whole family. Or have story telling time, where everyone makes up a new story.

• Pick a new recipe and create an amazing finished product.

• Volunteer! Many of our communities have summer events.Find out how to get the whole family involved.

• Have a picnic.

• Attend a powwow.

• Read a book and write a different ending for it.

• Many libraries offer online sign-ups for popular summer reading programs. Most have a set reading list and if children read all of the titles within a certain time frame, they win a prize.

• Start a collection.

• Observe the world through your camera and create your own art gallery at the end of the summer.

Enjoy the summer and see you in September!