Our Gifts: A First Nations Curriculum Framework

Each child carries unique gifts from the Creator. We must work together to ensure that we respect and build on these gifts. This is a shared responsibility of family, community members and educators, and this is why MFNERC has developed a First Nations curriculum framework entitled Our Gifts. There is much work that still needs to be done on the framework; however, the draft version that has been created now needs input from the communities. Therefore, MFNERC recently held gatherings in both Brokenhead First Nation and Thompson, MB in order to present the draft, and hear from education directors, principals, council members and Elders.

Community members give feedback on Our Gifts
Community members give feedback on Our Gifts

It has always been a goal of MFNERC’s to provide a curriculum by and for First Nations. Our Gifts was developed to offer a foundation to help First Nations children know their history; to understand their connection to the people and the land; to learn traditional skills; and to embody the values of the community and nation. The framework was created for learners in Nursery to Grade 12 in Manitoba’s First Nations schools, and provides information that is common to the five First Nations language groups in Manitoba.

Even after just a few days of consultations, the input from community members has been insightful, informative, and vital. Many of the ideas and suggestions that were offered will be included in further drafts of the curriculum, and we are looking forward to gathering even more guidance from First Nations. If you would like more information on the curriculum framework, please contact Vera Mitchell, veram@mfnerc.com. Also, watch for more information about this project in our next issue of The Arrow, the newsletter of MFNERC.

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