Land-Based Education Support Document for Educators


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This essential guide encourages and supports teachers, learners, and First Nations Peoples in practising ancestral ways of living and learning on the land. The guide promotes land-based learning in First Nations schools and communities. Land-based learning has a holistic focus on maintaining personal balance through the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical elements.

The guide follows a six-season, thirteen-moon calendar structure. Each of the topics, seasons, and moons is written in Manitoba’s five First Nations languages: Ininimowin, Anishinaabemowin, Anisineemowin, Denesuline, and Dakota. Along with promoting First Nations languages and values, the guide includes survival techniques, such as hunting and gathering skills.

The lessons provide students of all ages with opportunities to learn from Mother Earth and connect with the gifts of Creation.

In addition, activities demonstrate the importance of sustainability—a teaching transmitted through Oral Tradition since time immemorial that is necessary for the survival of future generations on Turtle Island.

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