Wahbanang – The Resurgence of a People: Clearing the Path for Our Survival


Wahbanang – The Resurgence of a People: Clearing the Path for Our Survival

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We can no longer hide from ourselves or Mother Earth. Natural Law is holding the world accountable, and the result is a planet in crisis: plagued by disease, climate change, famine, war, and moral corruption. Now, more than ever before, humanity is in desperate need of a clear path forward that supports all peoples’ continued existence on earth. 

Wahbanang is authored by a respected group of Knowledge Keepers, Elders and Chiefs —members of the Anishinaabe, Ininiwak (Cree), and Dakota Nations and from a collective autonomous Red Nation of Original Peoples of Great Turtle Island who come together at the Turtle Lodge Central House of Knowledge. Together, they sound an emergency warning and offer a blueprint forward for all peoples to stand with the Great Binding Laws of the Creator and Mother Earth.

A perspective and follow-up to Wahbung: Our Tomorrows of 1971, Wahbanang provides a comprehensible prescription for Indigenous Peoples to define true identities while preserving original ways. 

Led by ceremony, and inspired by Spirit and a kind-hearted Mother Earth who inspire us to change our ways, the authors present strategies to revive Indigenous Peoples’ positions as world leaders and create a resurgence of healing that will benefit all peoples. 

Anyone interested in ancestral knowledge and self-determination should read this book. Ultimately, the survival of humanity depends on it.


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