Parent Brochure for Provincial Report Card in Ojibway

Student Learning Assessment Program

The Manitoba government is introducing a new provincial report card to enhance the quality of education in Manitoba and to build stronger partnerships among students, their teachers and parents.
In the past, report cards were different in each school division and, in some instances, in schools within the same division. The new provincial report card will make sure that parents get consistent, clear information about how well their children are learning, what steps will help improve learning and what they can do to help.

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Assessment OF Learning

Student Learning Assessment Program

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Provincial Assessments Aggregate Report Gr 3 Algebraic Reasoning and Number Skills

Please use the template if you have not set up to the CAR (Collection of Assessment Results) System. Contact the Assessment Specialist for your region if you require support and assistance to set up and use the CAR for your school.

Early Years, Student Learning Assessment Program

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Assessment FOR Learning Poster

Download this Student Assessment Classroom Poster

Student Learning Assessment Program

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