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We Need To Talk
about Having a Good Life

“Dropping Out Changes Your Life” (video)

We want all kids to have a Good Life. We think that for many young people their lives will be harder if they do not finish school. We know that without a high school certificate, young people face higher chances of incarceration, poorer health outcomes, lower income and shorter life expectancy. So we want all our young people to succeed in school. We can see a strong connection between succeeding in school and success in the community.

Too often, children are deciding to leave school and not enough is done to encourage them to stay. They are still children and we are letting them make decisions that we know will have a lifelong negative impact. Can we talk about this? Can we talk about dropping out in staff meetings, in classrooms, with parents?

Dropouts are the biggest issue we have in our schools. It is “a life changing event” and schools and communities need to make it clear to kids how much their lives are going to change if they drop out.

Please use the information sheets, bibliography, Talking Points on dropouts, the posters, and the video to engage in this discussion. Are these statistics valid? Look them up. Check out websites on dropouts. What other information is there? Each community needs to look at the issue of dropouts and discuss how dropping out is impacting the youth and the community.

Thank you to:
Southeast Collegiate
Emily Grafton, Ph. D
V.O.I.C.E. Research Project
Brandon University
Karen Rempel, Ph.D

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