School Administrators meet in Winnipeg

Over 35 principals, vice-principals and administrators gathered in Winnipeg for informative and engaging roundtable discussions Dec. 6 & 7. With policies and procedures as the overall focus, some of the specific topics addressed included, student assessment, creating safe school environments, bullying, developing a “Code of Conduct”, and networking with community agencies. Emotions were evident when principals discussed challenges their schools face; everything from cyber-bullying to dogs loose near the school to student drug use. “It’s good to be able to come, learn and share frustrations,“ stated Douglas Roy, Principal of Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre of the Tataskweyak Cree Nation. “It was worth facing two blizzards, dodging two deer, and navigating 200km of sheer ice on the 11 hour drive from Split Lake!”
Ideas for solutions to the challenges brought up were also examined, many of them laid out in the First Nations Schools Administrators Handbook, a project of MFNERC. The first draft of this handbook was read and discussed by everyone present.
Yet, when it came to solutions, the importance of community and family was never far from the forefront. “We have to continue to work with the parents at the school level,” stated Claude Guimond, Principal of Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School. Facilitator, George Ross of MFNERC concurred, “When it comes to solving these challenges, it has to start at home with the parents, teaching kids respect…how to respect each other, their families and their communities.”

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