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Dadavan Outcomes Student
Information System

MFNERC supports Outcomes Student Information System (SIS) for all MFNERC/MFNSS partner schools.

Outcomes SIS: A student information system that tracks students from early childhood education to post-secondary studies

Outcomes SIS performs beyond a typical student information system to meet the unique needs of Indigenous communities, rural and remote schools, independent schools, and educators that are looking for a solution customizable to their needs. 

Outcomes SIS enables schools to convert collected data into meaningful reports, which can be used to make smart, meaningful decisions about students, schools, and community goals.  

Why Outcomes?

MFNERC previously supported Maplewood SIS. Edsembli, Maplewood’s parent company announced that support for this Student Information System (SIS) would end at the conclusion of the 2021-22 school year. 

Their plan was to move existing customers to their Edsembli SIS system. 

With the decision end support for their Maplewood product, MFNERC felt that it was a good time to look at other options.

MFNERC evaluated several SIS options and found that Outcomes by Dadavan would be the best fit for our schools. Dadavan’s ability to customize the system for our needs and their support were ultimately the deciding factor.


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Student Database

Demographic information at your fingertips! Schedules, guardian details, medical history—it’s all accessible at a glance.

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Literacy/Numeracy Assessments

Outcomes houses data from several useful standardized assessments including culturally relevant education—or create your own assessment using the assessment builder.

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Government Reporting

Create reports to provincial and federal government agencies efficiently and accurately for easy export and submission.

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Report Cards

Easy-­to-­use report cards contain time­saving features like comment banks, automatic pronoun adjustment, and global comments.

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Take attendance, receive alerts or access many useful reports to monitor student attendance.

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Teacher Planner

From daily and long range planning to curriculum outcome tracking, teachers will love the electronic teacher planner.

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Health and Fitness Reporting

Create and administer assessments to understand each student’s fitness level and track progress.

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Graduation Eligibility

Administrators can set up graduation criteria, keep track of student credits, and monitor their eligibility to graduate.

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Parent/Student Access

Parents and students can view a range of information any time—from attendance records and marks to homework and graduation status.

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Behaviour Management

Issues can be recorded by any teacher and monitored by school administration.

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Special Education

Handy tools enable schools to create special education plans, behaviour plans, adaptations, support schedules, and more.

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Mark Book

Save time using the mark book! Enter and organize all student marks, pushing them directly to reports.


Flexible Scheduling

Build the school year in blocks or semesters around seasonal activities.

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File Manager

The virtual filing cabinet is an easy way to store and share files with teachers in your school.

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Staff Attendance

Track teacher and substitute attendance, and manage associated costs.

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Support and Training

Support and Help for Dadavan Outcomes

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