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IMG_3803The Finance department is crucial to MFNERC running smoothly and effectively. The team administers the implementation of the financial plans and policies of the organization, with the financial strategic objective of MFNERC being to manage the funds it has been entrusted with. Finance carries out this objective through cost effective management of the MFNERC’s internal financial operations, efficient negotiations, monitoring of funded projects, and strategic management of the organization’s investments.

Finance is responsible for three main areas:

1. Project funding

2. Organizational finances and administration

3. Monitoring
To fulfill all financial functions and execute its responsibilities, the Finance department has identified the following objectives and strategies:

1. Ensure the integrity, reliability and transparency of all the financial operations of the MFNERC

STRATEGY: To establish budgeting control and reporting systems, applied both to the internal and financial operations of all funded projects.

2. Ensuring that funding expenditures are in accordance with the terms and conditions of all Contribution Agreements.

STRATEGY: To conduct financial assessments of the progress of funded projects. In conjunction with departmental coordinators, ensuring project expenditures are measured against project work-plans, goals and objectives.

3. To ensure the integrity and reliability of data

STRATEGY: Implementing and maintaining the accounting system (Sage 300)

Finance Report 2014-15

Audited Financial Statements to March 31, 2015

Finance Report 2015-16

Finance Report 2016-17

For more information please contact:
George Merasty, Director of Finance
204-594-1290 ext. 2059