Production Request Support

Production Request Form

The Publishing Unit has modified the system for submitting all Remote Learning (RL) job requests. Job requests will address needs that MFNERC staff have to support RL for First Nations, including printing, graphic design, photography, video production, social media, website, and document editing. This form was designed to help organize your ideas and content so Publishing staff can effectively produce and share it on all applicable platforms with students, teachers, and parents.

During this period of isolation, the form has been adapted to include website submissions or updates, and social media submissions. As some of you are aware, MFNERC is posting a series of online activities and/or events from various programs within the organization.

Please refrain from sending job requests directly to Publishing staff. You will be directed to use this form to ensure consistency and efficiency.

The Production Request Form has been designed for ease of use. Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent to you to confirm that the job has been received by the Publishing Unit and placed in a queue.

The following is an example of how to submit a Production Request.

Starting A Production Request

To start a request, click on the link:  Contact

Service Type

Under Service Type, select all services related to your request.

Please note that you can select more than one Service Type. For example, if selecting Website Submissions or Updates, you can also choose Social Media Submission. This will notify Publishing staff that we should place content on all platforms.

Contact Information

Provide enough information. This will help staff complete your request in a timely fashion. You must give your request a title; provide your contact information, department, and any applicable work plan number; and indicate whether or not you have received supervisor approval.

Please note that you’re required to provide your supervisor’s email. They will receive a copy of your request.

Remote Teaching Resource

If you are submitting a link or a resource that will be posted on the website for Remote Learning Hub, indicate the details here. Provide topic areas for the resource and which age range it is appropriate for.

Describe Request

Provide as much clearly stated detail as possible. This is your first opportunity to provide narrative detail for your request. You may suggest live events through social media channels for public engagement. Additional fields will ask for specific details. If you are providing links for the website. Please provide a label and description for the link.

Intended Audience and Requested Due Date

You must provide categories to help us properly place the content online. For example, the Intended Audience can indicate whether your request is for parents, teachers, or students (and should include grade level for students).

For Requested Due Date, you are asked to provide at least 2 weeks’ notice for more involved production tasks. However, Website Submissions or Updates and Social Media Submissions do not require this lead time. Other projects will vary depending on the scope of work.

Attach any content you have prepared for the request. Provide a title, description or context for what you are submitting. Keep in mind that the Publishing generally does not create content. We provide design, editing, production, and consultation services to the organization and stakeholders.

*Depending on the type of request, the required content and descriptions may vary.

Production Request Confirmation

When your Production Request is submitted, you will receive an email copy of your request, and it will be automatically submitted to the Publishing Unit, who will follow up.

Staff will contact you if more information is needed. Please contact us at should you have any questions.