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First Nations Language & Culture

IMG_4230The goal of the First Nations Languages Program (FNLP) is to revitalize, preserve, and promote First Nations languages and cultures. As such, MFNERC employs facilitators in all of the First Nations languages spoken in Manitoba – Cree, Ojibway, Dakota, Dene and Oji-Cree.

In order to develop students’ fluency in the First Nations Languages, the FNLP has created, and continues to create, educational resources and tools in partnership with First Nations schools and educators. Training is provided to language teachers through workshops, summer institutes and other gatherings. As well, education directors, band councillors, Elders, parents and students are invited to participate in regular roundtable sessions concerning language program planning.

The FNLP language facilitators also work directly with schools and First Nations to assist in creating immersion opportunities. Towards this end, language and culture activities, such as First Nations youth language and culture camps, have been developed for school use, as well as other activities at the community level.

Incorporating the latest in communications technology is another priority for FNLP. It has developed programs to provide an interactive learning experience, most notably the BYKI Language Software.

Learn more about our BYKI software for learning Cree, Dakota and Ojibwe.


News & Events

Community Working-Groups Meet with MFNERC to Complete Land-Based Curriculum

MFNERC’s Research & Development (R&D) team recently held a working-group meeting with community members from Manitoba First Nations to finish a land-based curriculum due to come out in 2020. The meeting featured guest speakers—educators currently doing valuable land education work in Manitoba communities.

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Lighting the Fire 2019

Lighting the Fire (LTF) 2019 celebrated MFNERC’s 20th year in operation with the theme “Honouring Our Heritage—Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages.” This conference highlighted the richness of First Nations languages in Manitoba. Read More >