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The Planning for School and Student Success Process

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Is your last school improvement plan getting dusty on the shelf while student learning stagnates? The Hulley Centre’s action-based planning process drives real improvement?

Research has shown that 70 percent of school improvement plans don’t make a significant, sustained impact on student learning.  Why? How can schools invest in a process that means more – and achieves more?

Author Wayne Hulley has been at the forefront of effective schools research in Canada for 30 years.  He knows what’s wrong and how to fix it.  His site-based planning model is used in more than 1,200 schools across North America to improve learning outcomes for students, increase teacher satisfaction, and build community support to nurture that commitment.  The Planning for School and Student Success Process (PSSSP) can work for your school, too.

Why typical school improvement plans fail

  1. Lack of alignment and commitment of leadership at the state/provincial, district, and school levels
  2. Low staff commitment – and failure to understand the impact of change on staff
  3. Failure to create a clear and compelling vision
  4. Ineffective use of data as the basis for planning
  5. Failure to create and maintain a collaborative culture
  6. Failure to create clear goals that will direct staff planning, implementation, and progress monitoring
  7. Implementing strategies – if any – that have little potential to change outcomes
  8. Failure to celebrate successes and to monitor and adjust the process based on ongoing formative assessment

Why PSSSP works

  1. It requires commitment from leadership first.
  2. It wins real teacher commitment – from hearts as well as minds.
  3. It creates shared values, vision, and purpose.
  4. It collects critical evidence and disaggregates it to build staff ownership.
  5. Collaborative teams become the vehicle for change.
  6. Data-driven, “SMARTER Heart” goals guide actions.
  7. Participants learn high-yield strategies and use them in planning.
  8. Planned milestones offer opportunities to reflect, adjust, and celebrate.