IMG_1499This program enhances and supports student assessments in academic areas such as literacy and numeracy. Data gathered through roundtables, workshops and other activities is used to inform schools how to set the priorities, and monitor student achievement and progress.

Assessment for and of learning assists all involved in the education of First Nations students (education directors, principals and teachers) with making decisions regarding best practices in First Nations education. Assessment as learning support teachers to deliver effective and quality classroom instruction to meet the individual learning needs of each student. The data and reports derived from this assessment process also inform First Nations educational planning, and provides information to all stakeholders and, most importantly, parents.

MFNERC’s assessment facilitator holds roundtable sessions with classroom teachers, school administrators, Elders and community members, as well as classroom-based assessment training and support for teachers. To date, 455 First Nations teachers and principals have been fully trained on the Grade 3, 7, and 8 Province-wide Assessment Initiative since it began in 2010.


For more information on the Assessment Program please contact:
Brenda Delorme, Assessment and Reporting Lead
204-594-1290 ext. 2084


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