Early Learning

IMG_6071Developing relationships is what’s key in our Early Learning Program. The program works in partnership with Healthy Child Manitoba to deliver the Roots of Success program in Manitoba’s First Nations. The program has two components, Seeds of Empathy for children 3-5 years old, and Roots of Empathy for children in kindergarten to Grade 8. Both components promote the building of caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

MFNERC’s early childhood facilitators provide training to instructors on how to deliver the Roots of Success program in their communities. Then, throughout the school year they travel to Manitoba’s First Nations hosting workshops and professional development to the instructors, in addition to presenting at numerous education conferences.

The Early Learning Program is also working with an Early Childhood Education Committee composed of representatives from First Nations, Healthy Child Manitoba, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning and INAC. This committee is working to develop an Early Childhood Education Framework to assist First Nations in developing their own education strategies.

As well, most recently through the Early Learning Program, a Family Literacy First Nations Working Group has been established. Their goal is to develop a home-based family literacy guide and modules.

For more information on the Early Learning Program please contact:
Sheila Murdock, Early Learning Literacy Facilitator

News & Events

Canadian Fatherhood Survey

Dad Central Canada has commissioned a Canadian Fatherhood Survey.  We are looking for dads and men raising children from across the country to give us their thoughts about fatherhood in Canada.  Follow this link to the survey: 

Helping Children Achieve the Good Life: MFNERC’s Early Learning Conference 2017

3rd Annual Early Learning Conference

This month, MFNERC’s Early Learning Facilitators are hosting our annual First Nations Early Learning Conference. Read More…

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