Early Learning

The early years (0-7) are a crucial time for learning and human development. Helping with, understanding, and supporting early learning and development will have a positive impact on the overall well-being of First Nations children. Putting support systems in place early in children’s lives will help them grow and develop into strong capable human beings who can adapt and live in a society that is forever changing.IMG_6071

MFNERC has developed resources to support early learning and development including the Manitoba First Nations Guide to Support Early Learning, Growing Indigenous Families Together and the Early Childhood Education Framework.

Manitoba First Nations Guide to Support Early Learning

Manitoba First Nations Guide to Support Early Learning provides a foundation for early learning programs and initiatives within Manitoba First Nations. This guide support parents, community members, educators and all who work with young children. Communities can use this guide as a reference to promote and support early learning programs that incorporate best practices for children. You can find the guide here.

Growing Indigenous Families Together (GIFT) Guide

Growing Indigenous Families Together (GIFT) is a home-based family literacy guide that supports MFNERC’s ongoing work to develop a First Nations literacy program for First Nations communities and schools in Manitoba. Family literacy is an early intervention model to support language development and improve literacy levels in children and their family members through programming designed for the whole family. MFNERC’s early learning facilitators are available to provide training on the use of the GIFT guide.

Early Childhood Education Framework

The Early Childhood Education Framework assists Manitoba First Nations in developing an integrated early childhood service delivery strategy for children age 0-6. The framework brings schools and programs together to form common links between programs that cater to children and their families. This resource guide and tool kit supports local early childhood service delivery strategies from a First Nations perspective.

Roots of Success

Developing relationships is key in our Early Learning Program. The program worked in partnership with Healthy Child Manitoba to deliver the Roots of Success program in Manitoba’s First Nations. The program has two components: Seeds of Empathy for children 3-5 years old and Roots of Empathy for children in kindergarten to Grade 8. Both components promote the building of caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

MFNERC’s early learning facilitators provided training to instructors on how to deliver the Roots of Success program in their communities. First Nations can continue to receive support with the Roots of Success programs directly through Healthy Child Manitoba.

For more information on the Early Learning Program please contact:
Susy Komishin, Partnerships Project Lead


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