Governance & Policy

IMG_1873In order to build school board capacity, our Governance & Policy facilitator works with principals, education directors, band councillors with the education portfolios and school board members. Together these stakeholders have drafted, and continue to create, updated school planning and policy documents as well as emergency response plans. The goal with this program is to enhance the capabilities of school boards and administrators to manage education programs in their communities.

For more information on the Governance & Policy Program please contact:
Ralph Arthurson, Governance & Policy Facilitator
204-594-1290 ext. 2067

News & Events

Principals Meet in Winnipeg

On December 5 & 6, 2013, MFNERC’s team leaders, support workers, and manager of service delivery convened a well-received principals’ roundtable at the Greenwood Inn in Winnipeg. Read More…

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