The purpose of this support document is:
To summarize and build on the recommendations described in the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Special Education Policy document in order to provide a framework for assisting First Nations in supporting, promoting and enhancing the rights of all children, particularly those with exceptionalities, within their communities. And to foster capacity building around developing special education policy for First Nations.

Updated Oct. 2016
Download the FNSEPH (PDF files):
Cover & Table of Contents
Section A: Philosophy and Goals
Section B: Framework to Student Service
Section C: School Special Education Planning and Policy
Section D: Resource Program
Section E: Planning for Student Success
Section F: Special Education Funding Guidelines
Section G: Special Education Personnel
Section H: School Support Personnel
Section I: Early Years
Section J: Code of Ethics
Section K: Extended Services
Section L: Extended Programs
Section M: Community Support
Section N: Transportation
Section O, Part 1: Pre-referral Forms for Clinicians
Section O, Part 2: Referral Forms
Section O, Part 3: Consent and Release Forms
Section O, Part 4: Checklists
Section O, Part 5a: Info Gathering
Section O, Part 5b: Student Work Samples
Section O, Part 5c: Inventories
Section O, Part 5d: Rating Scales
Section O, Part 5e: Screenings
Section O, Part 6: Student Plans
Section O, Part 7: Record Keeping
Section O, Part 8: Other/Miscellaneous
Section P: Definitions
Section Q: Glossary of Associations/Organizations
Section R: Medical Conditions and Syndromes
Section S: MFNERC Support Personnel Phone Directory
Section T: Provincial Legislation/Documents for Provincial Schools
Section U: Universal Design
Section V: Other Information and Sources

Student Resource Profile

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