The Physical Education and Health Facilitator will:

•       Conduct on-site school visits to assist physical education/health teachers on programming

•       Advise First Nations schools on effective culturally relevant physical education/health program development and delivery

•       Assist in delivery of informational workshops to all education stakeholders on effective physical education/health programs

•       Organize and lead regional Physical Education/Health/Wellness events

Other Supports:

•       In-servicing physical education/health staff in First Nations schools so that collegial dialogue, program sharing, brainstorming and networking can be facilitated

•       Providing general information to parents/guardians on health and physical activity related topics

•       Liaising with parents, students, teachers and sport/health entities

•       Sharing general and pertinent information with all shareholders of education on up-to-date curriculum materials/information in physical education/healthy living, including changes that may have taken place or contemplated

•       Promoting healthy living and health beneficial activities in First Nations schools that lead to pro-active prevention of the onset of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health related issues that may affect First Nations students

•       Researching the probability of creating a sporting body that will develop and implement sporting events among the First Nations schools using MFNERC regional map as territorial areas leading to provincial competition

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