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Clinical Services Resources

An ongoing list of resources developed by the Clinical Resource team.

Occupational Therapy





download pdf Calming and Alerting Strategies
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Gross motor skills are large movements of our body, including the movement of our arms, legs and trunk of our body. Playing with different items can be a fun way to work on our gross motor skills, breathing, and balance on our own or by playing with a friend(s).







MFNERC Get Moving Challenge

 #MFNERCgetmoving. Starting Monday, March 30th, join us on social media every morning at 9am for challenges to get you moving!
Cooldown routine
Warm up routine

Speech-Language Pathology

As you can tell from previous Word Wednesday posts, the MFNERC Speech-Language Pathologists and Literacy Coaches believe you can sneak speech, language and literacy skills into any activity. To help you do this, we have created a Language & Literacy Monthly Challenge! Every day you are given a simple language enrichment activity idea to do with your child. These activities are fun, quick, and use materials from around your own home. A lot of the activities even include playing games or going for walks. Depending on your child’s age and skill level, we have created a different Monthly Challenge for early years, middle years, and high school students. We hope you and your family complete the challenge, and enjoy doing these activities together!    We have created a suggestions wheel that includes even more strategies to help build your child’s speech and language skills. You can use these strategies during any part of your day. Start by choosing just 1 or 2 strategies to try out, and see how it goes!