Spring is Coming

Many of our schools are involved in the MFNERC’s First Nations Schools Gardening Program, and with Spring on the way they are preparing for another growing season.

Through this program a school can integrate so many areas including plant science and horticulture, nutrition science, health science, body systems and biology, and biochemistry along a continuum of increasingly complex inquiry projects. It also provides a perfect opportunity to develop and implement curriculum that addresses community needs, such as health and nutrition knowledge, improving food security and food sovereignty, and producing healthier communities. The MFNERC provides support to schools developing, implementing, or hoping to implement community/school gardening programs through assistance with program development and accessing funds and resources.

Over the four years since beginning the program, we have had over a dozen schools begin some variety of horticulture/gardening programs. For information on this program, or to get your school involved, or if your community has an existing program and would like help in further development, please contact Rudy Subedar, Integrated Programs Manager  rudys@mfnerc.com

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