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MFNSS Instructional Services

Contact Instructional Services
Murdock, Nora
Director of Instructional Services, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2163
Arthurson, Elma
Special Education Facilitator, MFNSS
2204-594-1290 ext. 2209
Barker, Wanda
First Nations Language & Culture Facilitator
Beardy-Bland, Chelsea
Private Home Placement Counsellor
Campbell, Geraldine
Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Coordinator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2144
Chartrand, Barry
Private Home Placement Counsellor
Cyr, Charisse
Intervention Support Facilitator
Daniels, Jessica
Early Learning Literacy Facilitator
204-594-1290 ext. 2124
Dorion, Loretta
Private Home Placement Coordinator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2193
Fontaine, Charles
Education Administration Facilitator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2034
Goodluck, Shawn
School Data Management Coordinator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2053
Govereau, Gale
Tuition Facilitator
204-594-1290 ext.
Hart, Margaret
Numeracy Facilitator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2005
Marynuk, Linda
Assessment Facilitator
McKay, Rockford
Science Facilitator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2195
Meade, Chelsey
Research Administrative Assistant
O’Laney, Kim
School Performance Management Analyst, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2121
Paul, Verna
204-594-1290 ext. 2167
Roulette, Emma
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Director of Instructional Services, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2248
Smith, Ardel
Special Education Facilitator
204-594-1290 ext. 2007
Swampy Sr., Lloyd
Language and Culture Program Coordinator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2117
Thomas, Mike
Physical Education & Health Program Facilitator, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2118
West, Colleen
Assistant Director of Instructional Services
204-594-1290 ext. 2270
Woodhouse, Tanya
Private Home Placement Administrative Assistant, MFNSS
204-594-1290 ext. 2252
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    Unit 2 -1100 Waverley St
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 3X9
    Phone: 204-594-1290 ext. 2243
    Fax: 204-942-2490

    MFNERC provides certain resources free of charge to First Nations educators working in Manitoba. Please contact us at for approval.

    For information or inquires regarding the publishing process please contact