Statement from the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs calls for a State of Emergency and establishes a COVID-19 Pandemic Response Coordination Team and Centre.

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the ECC postponed all AMC-related events until further notice; encouraged each First Nation in Manitoba to complete their local pandemic/emergency plans and encouraged them to consider closing their schools; called on the Manitoba-provincial emergency incident response team to ensure that medical supplies are available to each First Nation in Manitoba; and directed the AMC to continue to meet with First Nations in Manitoba and others at the regional level, including the potential provision of sanitation packages for each First Nation, and regularly report to all First Nations leadership. Today, the ECC called for a state of emergency for each First Nation in Manitoba, which includes closing their borders to all non-essential travel, and ensuring that food and supplies are being delivered on reserve.

For Immediate Release – Statement from the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

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