Tablets in the Classroom

Dave Thiessen, Technology Specialist for the MFNERC has initiated a one year pilot project with a split Grade 1/2 classroom at George Saunders Memorial School in York Factory Cree Nation. Mr. Thiessen believes that the tablets will be a great benefit for teaching ELA and Math for early-years students. At this age, Mr. Thiessen believes, that students will naturally grasp onto utilizing a touchscreen. With a split Grade 1 and Grade 2 class the Para-educator can work the tablets with one grade level while the teacher is focusing on the other. Technology is a big part of innovation in the 21st century classroom. Watch for further updates on this awesome project… Tablets in the Classroom!

Michael Li and Dave Thiessen, Technology Specialists, MFNERC, test wireless technology for the Tablets in the Classroom Pilot Project.

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