Take a Look Back at CKP

Every year in the fall, MFNERC hosts the Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference. While the conference took place over a week ago, the ideas and knowledge shared are still all the buzz around MFNERC. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights of this great event.

Gertrude Sanderson welcoming everyone to the conference.
Gertrude Sanderson welcoming everyone to the conference.

Day one began with an inspiring (and jam packed) opening ceremony, including a keynote address by Chief Arlen Dumas of Mathias Colomb First Nation. You can watch his speech here.
From there it was non-stop workshops, networking and tradeshow wandering. Some workshops featured discussions on land-based education, including a presentation by Sean Canning of Cross Lake that looked in depth at how to bring students “into the bush.” David Robertson of MFNERC gave a much-praised workshop on using Graphic Novels in the classroom and Brandon University’s Emily Grafton presented on a unique program called “Photovoice.”

Participants got very hands on at the workshops!

Since the theme of this year’s Conference was “Celebrating Numeracy and Literacy for Learning and Life” numerous presentations focused on these subjects, with many hands-on activities to keep participants active and engaged. Audrey Fourre and Holly Fontaine had all kinds of fun presenting how families and communities can take part in “Family Learning Olympics.” While Pamela Courchene gave a well-attended workshop entitled “Numeracy and Literacy go Hand in Hand.”

Overall, the Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference was a huge success and MFNERC would like the thank everyone who took part – presenters and participants – and we look forward to seeing you next year in Winnipeg.

View more photos of the conference here.

Chief Arlen Dumas

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