UPDATED Science Fair Elementary (Grades 4-6) Winners!

We apologize for the errors. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 11th Annual MB First Nations Science Fair. Here is a list of our Grades 4-6 Medal Winners!

Level: Elementary    Category: Life Science

Ebb and Flow School, Torie Spence and Theresa Houle
Muscles  Gold
Sioux Valley School, Aaliyah Hotain and Aaliyah D.Taylor
The Human Heart  Gold
Fox Lake School, Zack Henderson
Mold  Gold
Charles Sinclair School, Kyle Cochrane and Koby Wilson
Seashells and Mollusks  Gold

Keeseekoowenin School, America Hotain and Styles Hotain
Sacred Medicine Plants  Silver
Keeseekoowenin School, Ty Wilson and Avery Swain
Diabetes  Silver
Sagkeeng Jr. High School, Courtney Canard-Courchene and Tia Courchene
The Brain  Silver
Peguis Central School, Dysin Spence and Winter Breeze Wilson
When Oxygen and Nutrients Combine  Silver
Charles Sinclair School, Aurora Bowers
Studying Animal Extinctions  Silver
Little Saskatchewan School, Skylyn Letandre
Do Detergents Affect Plant Growth?  Silver
Peguis Central School, Alyssa Sinclair and Kayla Spence Thomas
Skeletal Systems  Silver
Charles Sinclair School, Paige Favell and Trinity Stranger
Awesome Owls  Silver

Neil Dennis Kematch School, Tina Guiboche 
Never Shake a Baby  Bronze
Long Plain School, Collin Ducharme and Shadow Maytwayashing
Magnificient Breakfast Cereal  Bronze
Joe A. Ross School, Dion Fontain Bighetty and Tenaille Easter
Birds, Beaks and Adaptations  Bronze
Indian Springs School, Mariah Scott and Arizona Cameron
Energy Drinks  Bronze
Kistiganwacheeng School, Janelle Linklater and Linda Taylor
The Heart  Bronze
Peguis Central School, Avory Flett and Brikena Stevenson
Pain Factor:  Boys vs Girls  Bronze

Level: Elementary    Category: Physical Science 
Mikisew Middle School, Brooke Paupanekis and Nicole McLeod
Cornstarch Monster  Gold
Sioux Valley School, Cheylise Wasicuna and Wakinya White / Tristan Elk
Changing the Colour of Fire  Gold
Mikisew Middle School, Justin Umpherville and Dane Trout
Volcano  Gold
Peguis Central School, Scott Johnson
Citric Acid  Gold
Joe A. Ross School, Jett Bignell and Raina Ross
Floating Oranges  Gold
Peguis Central School, Chloe Chartrand and Anika Sanderson-Bird
Acid Rock  Gold

Chief Sam Cook School, Raelyn Osborne
Can Crusher  Silver
Joe A. Ross School, Sasha Young and Mandy Bighetty
Windmeter  Silver
Neil Dennis Kematch School, Arianna Rickard and Grace George / Channelle
Magnetism  Silver
Neil Dennis Kematch School, Shelby George
Freezing Oil and Water  Silver
Charles Sinclair School, Alayna Sanderson and Kaylyn Crate
Rocks Rock  Silver
Fox Lake School, Danae Richard
Gravity: Weight on Other Planets  Silver
George Knott School, Sylver Knott and Madison Wood
Solid or Liquid  Silver
God’s Lake Narrows School, Lena Mayham and Ashanti White
DIY Electro-Magnet  Silver
Sioux Valley School, Shaeleen Taylor and Angel Pratt 
Mold  Silver
Sagkeeng Jr. High School, Hailie Boubard and Shauna Robinson
How to Bend Water  Silver
Otter Nelson River School, Angela Beardy
Magnet Pick ups  Silver
Little Saskatchewan School, Chavez Sinclair and Thomas Anderson
Adjustable Volume FM and AM Radio  Silver
Joe A. Ross School, Alliyah McGillivary and Angel Young Bignell
Bouncing Egg  Silver
Long Plain School, Helen Whitall and Shantelle Myerion
Super Shells  Silver
Joe A. Ross  School, Jaime Nelson and Quahalia Beardy
Volcanoes  Silver
Otter Nelson River School, Kelsey Garrioch and Jesslyn Ross
Home made Fire Extinguisher  Silver
Joe A Ross School, Maxine Constant and Kichikan Cook
Tornado in a Bottle  Silver
Long Plain School, Tyson Moose and Creelynn Peters
Popsicle Stick Bridges  Silver
Long Plain School, Todd McAuley
Speedy Stalactics  Silver

Joe A Ross School, Cairo D’Cruz and Renee McCleod
Up, Up and Away!  Bronze
Otter Nelson River School, Ethan Mckay and Bello Blacksmith
Make a Foam Ball Float  Bronze
Chief Sam Cook School, Alexis Spence and Krystal Beardy
Lemon Battery  Bronze
Ginew School, Tavania Roberts
Crumbling Can  Bronze
Ginew School, Tanisha Egachie
Simple Electric Circuit  Bronze
Indian Springs School, Carter French
Water Cycle  Bronze
Sagkeeng Jr. High School, Stanley Sinclair and Noel Bruyere
Lemon Power   Bronze
Long Plain School, Talisha Woods and Isabella Peters
Chromatography  Bronze
Indian Springs School, Kaylee  Soldier
Shiny Pennies    Bronze
Otter Nelson River  School, Jesse Ross and Julie Ross
Oil, Water and Food Coloring  Bronze
Sagkeeng Jr. High School, Pheobe Sinclair and Shayline Guimond
Under Pressure  Bronze
Sioux Valley School, Bethyany McKay and Montana McKay
How Water Can Break Ice  Bronze
Ginew School, Rochelle Catcheway
Fountain in a Bottle  Bronze
Ginew School, Tyrelle Nelson
Growing Crystal  Bronze
Mikisew Middle School, MaryJane Anderson and Annika Thomas
The Suspenseful Egg  Bronze
Nelson House O.K. School, Dannah Moore and Elena
Fruit Powered Battery  Bronze

Level: Elementary    Category: General Science
Ebb and Flow School, Haylen Catcheway
7 Teachings  Gold
Ebb and Flow School, Janelle Levasseaur and Andria Malcolm
Forensic Science  Gold
Long Plain School, Autumn Woods and Shaneil Roulette
Detergent Dilemma  Gold
Charles Sinclair School, Dasani Cameron and Brianna Bowers
Investigating the World of Bamboo  Gold
Fox Lake School, Michael Beardy
Impact of Hydro Dams on Land Water and Fish  Gold

Long Plain School, Tryli Shorting and Caitlin Longclaws
Solar System  Silver
Long Plain School, Breana Smoke and Precious Pashe
Planetary Age   Silver
Keeseekoowenin School, Joel Gladue
Video Games  Silver
Mikisew Middle School, Eagle Robinson
Balloon Blow up  Silver
Otter Nelson River School, Wilfred Joe Mcleod and Dominik Mcleod
High Voltage  Silver
Sagkeeng Jr. High School, Treasure Guimond and Lyndie Dorie
Atheroslurousis  Silver
Sioux Valley School, Corbin Wasicuna
Bubble Up  Silver
Fox Lake School, Julianne Anderson
Effects of Global Warming on Mother Earth  Silver
Mikisew Middle School, Mikayla Keeper
Acid in pop drinks  Silver
Sioux Valley School, Inez Johnson and Tyra Elk
Rocketology  Silver
Charles Sinclair School, Chanel Hart and Phoebe Crate
Environmental Impact of Farming Practices  Silver
Little Saskatchewan School, Carmen Shorting
Measuring Air Pollution  Silver

Ginew School, Daisha Robert
Me and My iPad  Bronze
Mikisew Middle School, Saige McKay and Shaneel Trout
Moose hide tanning  Bronze
Ebb and Flow School, Jastin Houle and Storm Malcolm
Sweet Grass  Bronze
Long Plain School, Maya Myran and Joelene Perswain
Cyber Bullying  Bronze
Long Plain School, Skye Woods
Tar Sands  Bronze
Long Plain School, Shauntey Beaulieu and Lianna Meeches
Underwater Volcano  Bronze
Long Plain School, Shayla Myran
Ton-O-Trash  Bronze
Ginew School, Aliyah Nelson
Baby Diaper  Bronze
Indian Springs School, Chad Hobson and Roman McIvor
Northern Lights  Bronze
Little Saskatchewan School, Travis Shorting
Flooding Alarm System  Bronze
Peguis Central School, Chelsea Michell and Shanell Spence
Snow Water is Safe to Drink  Bronze
Little Saskatchewan School, Jo-Dee Parenteau
Your Planetary Age  Bronze
Joe A. Ross School, Patrick Stevenson and Jacob Young
Color Changing Milk  Bronze
Indian Springs School, MacKenzie Scott
Heat Waves  Bronze
Charles Sinclair School, Holly Murdock
Delta Marsh: The Significance of Marsh Wetlands  Bronze
Little Saskatchewan School, Maddison Anderson
Effect of Temperature on Growth of Crystals  Bronze
Little Saskatchewan School, Shayna Ross
Mean, Median and Range  Bronze
Otter Nelson River School, Ruby Miles
Magnets and Radish  Bronze
Joe A. Ross School, Gordan Lathlin and Beth Nabess
Rain Drops  Bronze
Otter Nelson River School, Cherish Osborne
Illusions  Bronze
Long Plain School, Ambria Myran and Shaylene Meeches
Air Pollution  Bronze




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