Voices of the Future Call for Youth Writers

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MFNERC is now accepting submission for Volume 4 of Voices of the Future.

 In celebration of our children’s stories, the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre’s (MFNERC) Research and Development Program has initiated a youth anthology, Voices of Our Future, to host the writings of K-12 First Nations students (not including adult education programs). The anthology is open in theme and invites students to be creative in the delivery of their literary and artistic work. Submissions will be open to the following areas: 


• First Nations languages or English 

• Fiction, non-fiction, essay (500 word max) 

• Poetry 


• Art (variety of styles – digital photos of art) 

• Digital photography (most be anonymous in nature) 

Submissions will be respectful (no profanity). Teachers and/or parents may submit on behalf of their students and consent for all students will be required from the parents. 

Student submissions to be provided electronically to: 


For further information and consent forms, please contact: 

Valerie Bighetty Research Assistant 

204.594.1290 ext. 2091 | www.mfnerc.org 

Deadline for final copy: 

JANUARY 31, 2020