Wisdom of the Elders

Elders are the keepers of traditional knowledge and experience, and input from the Elders is a very critical component of the work we do at MFNERC.

Elder, Cornelius Constant

Throughout the year, forums are held for educators and administrators to come together and learn from our Elders. A recent gathering, March 18 and 19 in Winnipeg, saw a panel of 6 Elders speak on leadership, culture and learning. What follows is a very small sampling of the wisdom imparted on the participants:

“Learning is available on the land. Your classroom, your university is the land.”
“You learn by doing, by making mistakes and by making choices.”
“We [as Elders] will never trivialize a question when asked for help. We won’t turn anyone away. We have already experienced life and we will share what we know.”
“Don’t always look ahead, look up. The sky isn’t the limit, it’s infinite. Just like learning is infinite. Learning has no beginning and no end.”

For more information contact:
Sandy Robinson, School Planning Specialist


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