Youth Gathering 2022

MFNERC thanks everyone who attended the recent Virtual Youth Gathering. It is always a good day when we gather with youth, our future generations.

The gathering theme was mamawi mino pimotehowin selotineh ahla soowa hodel wi’taya c’anka was’te kin omani mino miikana ji bimosaang or “walking the good path together.” A beautiful prayer from Elder Marie Ballantyne and a drum song from Victor Tssessaze opened the gathering.

We want to say miigwech to MattMac, whose keynote address included his captivating personal story and a rap performance. The following day, Tonya Jo Hall’s and Michael Redhead Champagne’s keynotes left us all inspired by these young leaders.

Session facilitators shared strategies and tools to deal with life’s hard lessons and struggles. We sincerely hope participants learned skills to bring on their life journey and share with those who love and care about them. The two-day event hosted many session topics such as grief, STEM, film, mental health, and Medicine Wheel teachings.

We gave away plenty of prizes, including 10 iPads, 10 AirPods, and 5 Nintendo Switches with 5 games!

Keep an eye out for our future gatherings, conferences, and events. Follow us on social media to hear the latest.

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