Accessing Traditional Knowledge Online at the IRC Library

The Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) offers teachers and staff access to support materials and resources to reinforce their educational plans. The IRC operates like a standard library, functioning as a central hub for accessing lesson plans, reading resources, activities, and teaching concepts. However, it distinguishes itself from other libraries by offering First Nations Traditional Knowledge and ideas on integrating that knowledge into contemporary education systems.
Lois Daniels-Mercredie has worked as one of the Resource Centre’s library facilitators. She is excited about the information and lessons the IRC holds and what they can do for teachers and their students.
“The IRC is accessible to anyone affiliated with the Resource Centre or MFNSS (Manitoba First Nations School System). Teachers and staff can access relevant research and study-based teaching tools
that continuously evolve. These tools include comprehensive semester topic kits containing books, lesson plans, activities, and virtually everything a teacher might require for Kindergarten to high school students. The IRC truly caters to a diverse audience, and I’d really like to see it get used more often.”
The IRC has two locations, one in Winnipeg and the other in Thompson. The IRC now has a new library automation system, and both locations have completed uploading their collections and inventories. This new system allows staff to access inventories online and will soon be available to all MFNERC and MFNSS staff on the Resource Centre’s website. Training for this new library automation system and how to access it through the CONNECT system is available on request. It is hoped that such a system will overcome the challenges experienced by schools in remote locations.
“Our students need to engage with their curriculum and establish a deeper connection, moving beyond mere memorization,” remarked Daniels- Mercredie, a former educator and library technician.
“Historically, colonial educational systems have occasionally been advantageous to our communities, but most times, they have tragically led to detrimental outcomes. I am happy to be a part of the Resource Centre team, devoted to First Nations taking responsibility for teaching their youth.”
For more information on the IRCs, contact the
Winnipeg location (204-594-1290) or Barb Dollmont
at the Thompson IRC (1-877-506-1568).
*Since this interview, Daniels-Mercredie
has returned to a teaching position.

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