MFNERC Announces Covid-19 Academic Support Solutions

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) has developed comprehensive Essential Learning Packages, which include lesson plans to ensure students achieve learning outcomes away from the classroom.

With activities, assignments, and quizzes, students can stay on top of their learning goals this year, from wherever they are. MFNERC is using Brightspace to create a customized digital learning environment for MFNERC member schools and teachers as a central access point for all our available support materials.

Within this digital environment, member teachers and principals will have access to Essential Learning Packages for students, the Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate (WVC) courses, instructional resources, and professional development.

Choose from four different teaching options that best suit your students’ needs.

  1. Print-Ready Essential Learning Packages

ELPs give teachers two weeks of planned learning activities, which are updated bi-weekly and can be adapted.

2.Online High School with Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate 
MFNERC will support Grades 9–12 school staff by facilitating students’ enrollment into Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate (WVC). WVC, a fully accredited high school, can provide students with access to 38 different online courses taught by teachers from WVC.

3. Access for Teachers to Existing Course Curriculum for Grades 9–12
Schools can register their teachers for access to WVC curriculums and teach with our core courses without having to develop their own online curriculum. Through Brightspace, teachers can use tools such as quizzes, attendance, classroom discussions, assignment dropboxes, surveys, and video assignments.

4. Empty Online Course Shells for Teachers 
Teachers can choose to populate the course shells with their own course content and customize their students’ learning experience.

Click here to learn more about any of MFNERC’s Covid-19 Academic Support Solutions or to find out how to register.

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