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Training Institute

MFNERC’s Training Institute provides professional development and human resources development by supporting First Nations people who are interested in receiving the training required to become Educational Assistants and Special Education Assistants.

Participants are generally individuals employed by First Nations schools, who plan to remain in the First Nation for an extended period of time. Through face-to-face and online training, the program, in partnership with University College of the North, provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed in the following areas:

  • to assist students with lessons under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher and/or resource teacher
  • to monitor and report to the classroom teacher on student progress
  • to assist in the preparation of learning materials and environment
  • to perform other support functions as required

To date, over 250 educational assistants have graduated from the program.

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For More Information

MFNERC’s Training Institute contact:
Shirley Myran, Training Institute Manager

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