Everlasting Life| James Redsky


Translated by Allan Fontaine


“The scrolls and bear claw rattles were kept on a shelf in a closet. I knew of them and yet didn’t. The ceremonies happened on occasion, and other Elders would come to the cabin. They spoke in Anicinabe, sang songs, and after a pipe was smoked, everything returned to normal. This was the way of the Midiwin that I knew. Much is lost due to loss of language, ceremonies. and loss of spirituality. This was the reason Grandfather was not able to pass on his teachings. My spiritual journey began much later in life.”

Ka Nee Ba Wit Ma’iingan or Standing Wolf- Ted Redsky

My late friend Vine Deloria Jr. once stated that people cannot go back and hunt the bison on the open plains, but they can use the knowledge people had when hunting the bison to understand things today. People can use this knowledge to be successful in their current work and family life. Everlasting Life shares the importance of the Anishinaabeg Birchbark Scrolls in understanding a part of Midewiwin teaching. These teachings can support Anishinaabeg lifeways and practices.
I also hope people can learn about the connection between land and culture. This book will allow teachers and language instructors an opportunity to revitalize Anishinaabemowin as a language of instruction and support student success.

Craig Charbonneau Fontaine

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